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Rivals Standing Their Ground!
Kanji 群雄割拠!
Rōmaji Gunyū Kakkyo!
Viz The Titanic Tournament
Volume Info
Previous Volume 14
Next Volume 16
Japanese December 6, 1988[1]
English May 19, 2004[2]
Japanese ISBN 978-4-08-851612-7
English ISBN 978-1-59116-297-1
Character debut(s)
None in this volume
Technique debut(s)
None in this volume
Tool debut(s)
None in this volume

Rivals Standing Their Ground! (群雄割拠!, Gunyū Kakkyo!; Viz "The Titanic Tournament") is the fifteenth volume of the Dragon Ball manga.

Chapter 169

"Tenshinhan and Taopaipai" (天津飯と桃白白, Tenshinhan to Taopaipai; Viz "Tenshinhan vs Taopaipai"; Literally meaning "Tenshinhan and Peach White White")

Gokū informs Muten Rōshi that Taopaipai is alive, and his goal is to kill both Gokū and Tenshinhan. Gokū, however, isn't worried, as he believes Tenshinhan is stronger than the assassin; Tsuru Sennin arrives in time to catch this bit of the conversation, finding Gokū's statement to be arrogant. Despite the fact that Yamcha, Kuririn, Gokū and Tenshinhan aren't Muten Rōshi's students, Tsuru Sennin is intent on having his younger brother kill them.

Unable to find good seats after the competitors head to the arena, Bulma makes Lunch sneezes, and the bad personality'd Lunch forces her way through the crowd. Gokū offers his friends some Senzu, though they admit to having some already, having been to Karin Tower. They were also the ones who invited Yajirobe.

The announcer begins the tournament, and the first match begins: Tenshinhan vs Taopaipai. Tenshinhan knocks Taopaipai down with a single chop, and asks him to forfeit, as he forgives him for what he did to Chaozu. Showcasing his immense speed, Tenshinhan says he's become stronger than the assassin can comprehend.

Chapter 170

"The Hitman Taopaipai's Struggle" (殺し屋桃白白のあがき, Koroshiya Taopaipai no Agaki; Viz "The Assassin's Struggles"; Literally meaning "The Hitman Peach White White's Struggle")

Tenshinhan urges Taopaipai to surrendering, not wishing to humiliate one of the men who taught him how to fight. The assassin, enraged by this, reveals a hidden blade in his robotic wrist, and slices Tenshinhan across the chest. This automatically disqualifies Taopaipai, but neither competitor is concerned about the match: Taopaipai focused on revenge, and Tenshinhan enrage at how far the man he respected has fallen.

Tenshinhan refuses the aid of his comrades, and Taopaipai reveals an arm cannon on his right wrist, along with the unveiling of a new move: the Super Dodonpa, an advanced version of the Dodonpa. With his technological enhancements, he locks onto Tenshinhan, and the enraged martial artist goads the assassin into firing the blast. Gaining some distance, Taopaipai fires the technique at Tenshinhan, only for it to be neutralized with a kiai. Tenshinhan knocks Taopaipai unconcious, delivering him to his former teacher and bidding them to leave. Muten Rōshi is proud of how far Tenshinhan has come, realizing he no longer has any reason to participate.

The second match begins, pitting Gokū against the mysterious girl who has asked that her name be withheld. Gokū notes that the young woman always seems mad, to which she claims is his fault.

Chapter 171

"Son Gokū's Marriage" (孫悟空の結婚, Son Gokū no Kekkon; Viz "Goku Gets Married!")

The mysterious woman engages Gokū in battle, angry that he forgot about meeting her. Gokū's friends don't recognize her either, however, it becomes obvious Gokū has met the girl before when she mentions that Gokū promised her something. Muten Rōshi notes that, not only is the mysterious young woman strong, her form and techniques resemble the Turtle School Style.

Gokū doesn't remember what he promised the mysterious woman, however, she drops the bombshell: Gokū promised to marry her, stunning everyone. Gokū has to ask Kuririn what "wife" means, and Yamcha and Kuririn explain that "wife" means Gokū wants to marry her, and that means spending the rest of his life with her. Gokū still doesn't remember her, and asks who she is, but she will only tell him if he wins. Oolong, however, does know who she is, as her speech patterns give it away.

Gokū punches the air with extreme force, releasing a blast of wind towards the girl from the sheer air pressure, resulting in a ring out as she is knocked from the ring. Piccolo notes that the technique is similar to the Demon way of fighting. As agreed, the mysterious girl reveals her name: Chi-Chi, Gyūmaō's daughter. Finally remembering who she is, and what he promised, Gokū agrees to marry Chi-Chi to make good on his promise, despite having thought marriage was a kind of food when he agreed to the promise. Walking off arm in arm with his new fiancé, Gokū warns Kuririn to be careful as he goes to face his opponent, Piccolo.

Chapter 172

"Kuririn versus Ma Junior" (クリリン対マジュニア, Kuririn Tai Ma Junia; Viz "Kuririn vs. Demon Junior")

Kuririn and Piccolo, the latter under the alias "Ma Junior", begin their battle. Kuririn unveils a new technique, the Tracking Kikōha, which followed Piccolo even after his dodge. The demon destroys the ki blast with his Beam Eyes, however, Kuririn cleverly used the diversion to catch Piccolo off his guard. Pushing Piccolo back, Kuririn presses his assault, only for Piccolo to retaliate, nearly knocking Kuririn out of the ring.

Kuririn reveals he's learned the Air Dance Technique, and can fly, just like Piccolo and Tenshinhan. Piccolo commends Kuririn for his strength, and offers to show even more of his own true power, which Kuririn and Gokū know is not a bluff.

Chapter 173

"Kuririn versus Ma Junior: Settling the Score!!" (クリリン対マジュニア勝負決す!!, Kuririn Tai Ma Junia Shōbu Kessu!!; Viz "Kuririn vs. Demon Junior, Part 2")

Piccolo, showing more of his strength, stretches his arms, grabbing Kuririn and reeling him in, shocking everyone. Focusing energy into his fist, he lands a solid blow and sends Kuririn flying towards a wall. Reacting quickly, Kuririn bounces off towards Piccolo, aiming a blow only to be deflected and kicked into the air.

As Piccolo pursues, Kuririn releases a point-blank Kamehameha. Piccolo, however, dodges using the Afterimage Fist and sends Kuririn hurtling towards the ground. While Piccolo is nervous he accidentally killed Kuririn, and would be disqualified, the former monk stands up, shocking everyone. However, Kuririn falls back onto the ground, surrendering. The strength of Kuririn earns him praise from his friends, and makes Piccolo believing taking over the world might not be so easy.

Chapter 174

"Yamcha versus Shen" (ヤムチャ対シェン, Yamucha Tai Shen; Viz "Yamcha vs. Shen")

The next match is Yamcha vs Shen, an elderly gentlemen who many people doubt can actually fight. While the others are confident Yamcha will with, both Yajirobe and Gokū are suspicious. As the fight commences, Shen manages to trip, landing a blow on Yamcha, and ducking to avoid a blow, pulling up in time to slam his head into Yamcha's groin. These repeated accidents embarrass Yamcha, but entertain the crowd.

Shen eventually drops the façade, telling Yamcha he will fight seriously. True to this, he lands a quick and crushing blow against Yamcha. Shen lectures Yamcha on judging him by his appearance, as this was the mistake he made, and is only lecturing Yamcha because the man has a lot of talent. Yamcha apologizes for his mistakes, but as he doesn't like Shen's attitude, claims he will win. Shen, however, states that it is he who must win, and continues to treat the battle like a training session.

Chapter 175

"Shen" (シェン)

The battle continues, and Shen dominates Yamcha, continuing to lecture him as he owns the battle. Yamcha notices that Shen is treating him much like a child, but Shen commends Yamcha's strength regardless. He admits he's not fully human, and the body he is using isn't even his, merely one he's possessed.

Yamcha, however, is not interested in Shen's personal story, and intends to début his last resort Thanking the martial arts master for his advice, Yamcha gathers ki in his hand and produces a sphere: the Sōkidan. Yamcha manipulates the sphere, cleverly landing a hit on Shen; however Shen retaliates and knocks him out of the ring, winning him the match.

Gokū finally clicks the name together, realizing that Shen is actually God possessing a human body. Asking of Shen wanted to reveal his identity, the man denied it, saying he'd keep it a secret for now.

Chapter 176

"Son Gokū versus Tenshinhan" (孫悟空VS天津飯, Son Gokū Bāsesu Tenshinhan; Viz "Goku vs. Tenshinhan")

The next battle is the rematch between Son Gokū and Tenshinhan. Their battle commences, both parties moving at such a speed that only a few onlookers, including some of the Dragon Team and Piccolo, can keep up with the battle. As Gokū dodges a strike with the Afterimage Fist, he notes Tenshinhan has fallen for his old technique. The battle seems equal, but Muten Rōshi notes this is untrue; after all of those insane, high-speed movements, only Tenshinhan is gasping for breath.

Chapter 177

"Speed" (スピード, Supīdo; Viz "Goku vs. Tenshinhan, Part 2")

Despite running low on breath, Tenshinhan tells Gokū that, while he may be even stronger than before, his speed — the most important thing in a battle — has remains stagnant. Tenshinhan proves this by taking the battle back to the sky, and pushing his speed even further; while Gokū's eyes can keep up, his body can't. Nearly avoiding a ring out, Gokū notes that Tenshinhan was holding back, but the latter merely says he was observing Gokū's movements.

Gokū asks Tenshinhan if he can remove his clothes, and the latter agrees. As Gokū removes them, they thud to the ground, making Tenshinhan suspicious. He discovers the shirt is ridiculously heavy — the boots and wrist pads too — and Gokū explains this was part of his training with God. As Kuririn removes the clothes from the ring, Gokū explains they're about 22 kilograms each.

With his weights removed, Gokū's speed increases, and he showcases this by removing Tenshinhan's obi.

Chapter 178

"Tenshinhan's Prided Surefire Technique!" (天津飯自信の必殺技!, Tenshinhan Jishin no Hissatsu Waza!; Viz "Tenshinhan's Secret Move!")

Reclaiming his obi, Tenshinhan tells Gokū he will release his strongest technique, and it will be one that even Gokū can't dodge. This surprises everyone, and Tenshinhan states the only way to keep up with Gokū's godly speed is with twelve eyes. Shocking everyone further, Tenshinhan divides himself into four bodies, revealing his secret technique: the Fist of Four Bodies.

Gokū notes that each body is real, and this technique is entirely different from the Afterimage Fist. Each Tenshinhan hits a corner of the ring and releases a Kikōha towards Gokū, causing him to dodge by jumping. With Gokū vulnerable in the air, the bodies release a Beam Eyes, which hits Gokū dead on.

Getting back up from his fall to the ground, Gokū surprises everyone with his stamina. Tenshinhan urges him to surrender, as another hit would kill him, but Gokū claims to have found two weaknesses in the Fist of Four Bodies.

Chapter 179

"The Two Weak Points" (ふたつの弱点, Futatsu no Jakuten)

Tenshinhan doesn't believe Gokū's statement of finding two weaknesses to his technique, and goes to perform the same combo again. As Gokū dodges the four incoming Kikōha by leaping into the air, Tenshinhan looks into the air, only to be blinded by Gokū's surprise technique: the Taiyōken. With Tenshinhan blinded, Gokū explains this is the first weakness: because Tenshinhan's eyes are so good, once he's blinded, he can't follow Gokū. Tenshinhan believes Gokū has the same weakness, but Gokū reveals he can sense Tenshinhan's presence.

As Tenshinhan gains his sight back, Gokū hints at the second weakness: splitting into four in and of itself. Within seconds, Gokū takes out each and every body, knocking Tenshinhan out of the ring. Elaborating, Gokū explains that the Fist of Four Bodies splits everything about the user, including their power, and this was what cost Tenshinhan the match.

Chapter 180

"Piccolo Daimaō versus God" (ピッコロ大魔王対神様, Pikkoro Daimaō Tai Kamisama; Viz "Kami-sama vs. the Demon King"; Literally meaning "Piccolo the Great Demon King versus God")

Former champion Tenshinhan has lost to Gokū, with the former confirming his strength can no longer even compare. The next round match begins: Ma Junior (Piccolo Junior) vs. Shen (God). Before the latter steps into the ring, he converses with Gokū, explaining that Gokū wouldn't be able to find it in his heart to kill Piccolo, as doing so would kill him as well. Instead, he, God, must do it, and that he has learned a few things from humans. Joking that he is going to fight himself, Shen makes his way to the ring.

As the match begins, Piccolo tells Shen that his goal is Gokū, and the former is merely an obstacle in his path. Shen knows this is because Gokū would interfere with Piccolo's plans, and resolves to not give the demon the opportunity. With the flick of his fingers, Shen releases a shockwave that blows Piccolo back. Demanding to know who Shen is, Piccolo goes on the offensive, but Shen counters, and the two seem even.


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