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Please note that this is the Dragon Ball Universe Wiki's article on the planet. If you are looking for the article on the Saiyan prince then you should head to Vegeta. For other uses, see Vegeta (disambiguation).

Planet Vegeta
Kanji ベジータ
Rōmaji Bejīta
Astrographical Information
Universe 7th Universe Symbol 7th Universe
Galaxy Milky Way, North Galaxies[3]
Satelites 1
Suns 2[4]
Physical Information
Status Destroyed
Class Terrestrial
Primary terrain Mountainous
Points of interest
Societal information
Native Species Saiyan
Affiliation Freeza Army Symbol Freeza's Army

Planet Vegeta (惑星ベジータ, Wakusei Bejīta), originally known as Planet Plant (惑星プラント, Wakusei Puranto),[5] was the second homeworld of the Saiyan race, after the former, Planet Sadal, was destroyed by internal conflicts among the race. It was ultimately obliterated by Freeza in an attempt to eliminate the Saiyan species.


Saiyan Emigration

Saiyan Genocide




In Other Media

Saiyan Invasion: Tsufurian War

Creation and Conception


  • In the source books for the anime-only sequel, Dragon Ball GT, the Saiyans were said to have originated on an entirely different world presumably called "Planet Saiya" (サイヤ星, Saiya-sei), and later migrated to planet Vegeta by a mysterious spaceship where they settled.[6] This contradicts Toriyama's memos detailing the history of the Saiyans, stating that they were a primitive race that developed on then-planet Plant.[5] However, in Dragon Ball Super, the Saiyans were revealed to have truly originated on another planet, planet Sadal, although it's not confirmed if it and planet Saiya are the same or not.

The planet Vegeta's original appearance in the anime.

  • In the anime, planet Vegeta was initially portrayed as a terrestrial, red green and yellow planet with two rings encircling it. This appearance was later changed to the reddish sphere with no rings that has stuck since. 
  • In the FUNImation dub of the anime series, a plot hole is introduced when Raditz claims that Vegeta was destroyed by a meteor "three years" prior to the start of the Dragon Ball Z anime series, as opposed to being destroyed far earlier in the timeline. 


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