There are various techniques that colored the battles throughout the series.


Main Categories

Ki Manipulation Technique

Main article: Ki Manipulation Technique Ki Manipulation Technique (こうわざ, Kikō waza; Databook "Mind Power Attack"),[1] is one of the three main technique categories and the most popular among the Dragon Ball world. Ki manipulation techniques are the use of ki power to attack one's enemy. By utilizing materialized energy converted from energy inside one's body, they can produce powerful special attacks.

Physical Martial Arts Technique

Main article: Physical Martial Arts Technique Physical Martial Arts Technique (たいじゅつわざ, Taijutsu waza; Databook "Body Attack"),[2] is a basic form of techniques and refers to any techniques involving the martial arts or the optimisation of natural abilities.

Unique Technique

Main article: Unique Technique Unique Technique (とくしゅわざ, Tokushu waza; Databook "Emergency Attack"),[3] is one of the three main technique categories. It's drawn out through some external factor or the use of tools and not using ki or body. Additionally, the schematization of these techniques has already been determined, so the users cannot enhance the tecniques with their own arrangement nor change it.


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