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North Galaxies
North Galaxies[1][2]
Kanji きたぎん
Rōmaji Kita Ginga
Ruler North Kaiō
Kaiōshin of the North (former)
Leader Galactic King
Military Galactic Patrol

The North Galaxies (きたぎん, Kita Ginga) are the northernmost quadrant of the universe. It is overseen by North Kaiō and was formerly overseen by Kaiōshin of the North.


Milky Way and other galaxies

Milky Way as shown with countless galaxies in the anime.

The North Galaxy is a large area of space that contains a large number of galaxies, including the Milky Way galaxy where planet Earth is located. It is the quadrant in which much of the series occurs.

Notable Locations


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