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Kanji ナメック星人
Rōmaji Namekku-seijin
English Localized Name(s) VIZ Namekian
FUNi Namekian
FUNi Namek
Additional Information
Universe 7th Universe
Status Extant
Planet of Origin New Namek
Namek (Formerly)
Unique Traits Innate ability to asexually reporduce
Elongate limbs/extremities
Hyperacusis hearing
Notable Members

The Nameccians are an extraterrestrial species that originates from the planet Namek. This race is responsible for the creation of the Dragon Balls.


According to Champa, in the past, the Nameccians shaved off pieces of the original Super Dragon Balls to create the original Nameccian Dragon Balls.[2]


Nameccians have very efficient growth, unlike humans. They grow from hatch-lings into teenagers in just three years and reach adulthood a fairly short amount of time afterwards. At this point, their aging slows to a crawl, enabling them to live up to around 500 years before dying of old age. Even as hatchlings, they are fully aware of their surroundings and do not require parents to nurture them as humans do.

Notably, Nameccians do not feel cold as easily as Earthlings.[3]


Nameccians are green-skinned humanoids, whose distinctive features include their forehead antennae, sharp canines, pointed ears, and long nails, as well as pink patches across their skin. They all possess stern eyes, but their facial features and structure can vary as often as an Earthling or Saiyan. As Nameccians age, their skin begins to wrinkle, and the pink patches on their skin begin to change hue to orange. Despite being agender, all Nameccians have builds that would correlate with males in species such as Earthlings.


In Other Media

Video Games


  • In the English dub of Dragon Ball Z, the term "Namek" is used in reference to a member of the Nameccian race as often as "Namekian" is used.


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