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ランチ Ranchi
Alternative Name(s) Launch[2]
Personal Data
Universe 7th Universe Symbol 7th Universe
Galaxy Milky Way, North Galaxies
Race Earthling
Birthplace Earth
Birthday June 17[4]
Gender Female Icon Female
Height 159 cm (adult)[4]
Weight 62 kg/137 lbs. (adult)[4]
Measurements 85/58/84[4]
Blood Type AB[4]
Voice Actors
English Meredith McCoy
Christine Marten(Bad Lunch; Movie 2 only)
Monika Antonelli(Nice Lunch; Movie 2 only)
Leah Clark(DBZ285)
Japanese Mami Koyama
Professional Status
Previous Affiliation(s) Dragon Team
Kame-Sen Style School
Occupation(s) Robber(when in bad form)
Headquarters Kame House(former)
First Appearance
Manga Debut Volume 3, Chapter 26
Anime Debut DB015
Image Gallery

Lunch (ランチ, Ranchi; English TV "Launch") is a Human-type Earthling woman with a unique multiple personality disorder, which changes every time she sneezes. Good Lunch is a pure-hearted, blue-haired woman with a sweet disposition. Bad Lunch is blonde-haired, violent, and trigger-happy with a penchant for committing violent crimes. She débuted in Part I of the Dragon Ball manga, and is a friend of the Dragon Team.



Lunch's bounty, as seen in the anime (notably, the bounty is in dollars, not Zeni)

Well before the start of the Dragon Ball series, Lunch's blonde counterpart had committed enough crimes to be known from her name by the police,[5] and was considered a highly wanted criminal.[4] In the anime, she is even depicted as having a hefty bounty, showing that authorities had come to consider Lunch a huge threat overtime.[6]

Personality's only fair that I tell you! When I sneeze, I change personalities.

—Lunch, The Peculiar Girl

Possessing a kind of multiple personality disorder, Lunch's current personality changes depending on one critical factor — a sneeze. Lunch's main personality seemingly is a girl with a kind and sweet disposition that doesn't seem to have a single negative thought, evidenced by her being able to ride the Flying Nimbus without clinging to Son Goku.[7] The good personality of Lunch appears to be quite innocent, blind to the ways of the perverted Kame-Sennin, not quite understanding his intentions for bringing her to the island are less than pure. She also appears to be quite naïve, unaware that changing in front of men was a bad thing until Kulilin reminded her. While living with Kame-Sennin, Lunch is, however, more than happy to lend a hand with the housework, showing that the good counterpart is semi-capable around the house and does not mind acting the role of the caretaker.

Bad Lunch.Ep .104

The Bad Lunch.

When Lunch sneezes — something very common due to her sensitive nose, a sneeze can be triggered even by her own hair — she changes personalities, and the bad counterpart emerges. Unlike the good Lunch, the bad Lunch is a hardened criminal, with a harsh and aggressive manner of speaking (even using "ore", a very masculine pronoun, in the original Japanese). The bad Lunch is easily irritated by even the smallest things, such as sharing a bed with a child, and is more than willing to kill individuals should the need arise. Unlike the rest of the Dragon Team, when Piccolo Daimaō took over the planet, she did not see anything wrong with his initial terms — outlawing peace and order. As the series progresses, bad Lunch appears to mellow out, truly becoming one of Goku's friends, even though her violent tendencies, such as desires to hijack airplanes, remain.

Additionally, Lunch appears to have a crush on Tenshinhan, and by the time of the Saiyan's arrival, had long since left Kame-Sennin's in search of the martial artist.

Neither of Lunch's personalities remember anything the other one does, though they are aware of their existence.[8]



Both versions of Lunch.

Lunch, along with her changing personalities, changes appearances to match; the only accessory stays consistent is the red ribbon she wears no matter her personality.

The good counterpart of Lunch has a mane of curly, dark blue hair, and dark blue eyes to match. Her eye shape is rounded, to symbolize her innocent nature. The bad counterpart of Lunch has curly blonde hair, and green eyes. Her eye shape is narrower, to symbolize her harsher nature.

Both variations of Lunch are typically seen in a green tank-tip, yellow shorts with a red belt, brown, finger-less gloves, and red Nike shoes worn with green socks.[9] She later opts for a new outfit, a pink tank-top with dark-brown pants, with a pair of white-knee pads (matching black in the manga), and matching boots.[10] During the Tenkaichi Budōkai, she wore a black shirt with green pants. Her attire later consisted of a purple sleeveless top with gray pants, a brown belt, and a brown sash. Her last updated appearance in Dragon Ball had her wearing a pink dress with pink boots.

When Lunch returns several years later, she's in her original attire.[11]



Part I

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Kamesennin Training Arc

21st Tenkaichi Budōkai Arc

Red Ribbon Army Arc

22nd Tenkaichi Budōkai Arc

Piccolo Daimaō Arc

Part II

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Saiyan Arc

Majin Bū Arc

Yo! Son Gokū and His Friends Return!!


  • Lunch's clothing are available in the DLC Pack 1 of Dragon Ball XenoVerse; it includes her clothing and wig. If a character wearing the outfit is being trained by Tenshinhan, he'll panic, saying that the clothing agitates him and he needs to calm down. This is a reference to Bad Lunch's romantic feelings for Tenshinhan from the anime.
  • Lunch's changing from her Good to Bad forms bears some resemblance to the Super Saiyan transformation; the hair changing to blonde, the eyes to green, as well as increased aggression. The only true difference is that the Super Saiyan transformation is a voluntary form, while Lunch's 'transformations' occur when she sneezes. Toriyama cites this as one of the reasons for her vanishing in Dragon Ball Z, saying she'd cause too much confusion with the Super Saiyan transformation.
    • Furthermore, in Xenoverse, when a female Saiyan wearing Lunch's Wig transforms into a Super Saiyan, the wig itself will transform with the transformation and change color, resembling Lunch's evil form. This only applies to female Saiyans, as Human and Majin females cannot transform into a Super Saiyan and change the wig.
  • Lunch was meant to reappear in the manga during the scene where everyone was giving their energy to the Genki Dama that Goku used to kill Majin Bū. According to Toriyama, in the rough draft of the chapter, Android 17, who appeared in the manga, was actually going to be Lunch.[12]
  • Lunch (the bad side of her that is) is the reason for Tenshinhan's frequent traveling.


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