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Life Cultivation Techniques (こうわざ, Kikō waza; Literally meaning "Life Cultivation Technique"; Databook "Mind Power Attack"),[1] are one of the three main technique categories and the most popular among the Dragon Ball world. Ch’i manipulation techniques are the use of Ch'i power to attack one's enemy. By utilizing materialized energy converted from energy inside one's body, they can produce powerful special attacks. Warriors in the world of Dragon Ball frequently use many techniques with different names and forms. However, normal people have a low degree of knowledge of Ch’i manipulation techniques. For instance, Mister Satan interpreted the Ch’i manipulation techniques that Gokū used as being mere tricks.

Main Types

Basic Type


Kamehameha, the first and most popular Ch’i manipulation technique.

It's the type of Ch’i manipulation technique that most commonly appears in the series when someone gathers Ch’i into the palm of their hand, then shoots out as an energy bullet.

Concentration Type


Makankōsappō momentously pierces through two bodies.

They're techniques where one concentrates Ch’i into their fingertips, mouth, or another part of their body and then fires it.

Accumulation Type


Genki Dama Gokū acquired through his training with Kaiō.

A type of Ch’i manipulation technique where one borrows the power inside the bodies of others and turns it into an energy bullet.

Ch’iai Type


Kikōhō technique puts out a Kiai, where most of the body's ch’i is depleted.

As opposed to other types of technique, which can be seen in the shape of energy bullets, the category of technique can't be directly seen by the naked eyes.

Alternation Type


Kienzan, where ch’i is altered into a rounded edge before firing.

The basic form of ch’i manipulation is utilized according to the user's own arrangement. They are fired with some additional value different from the traditional energy bullet types of ch’i manipulation attacks.

Continuous Type


Continuous Die Die Missiles could create an enormous hole in the ground.

Techniques that rapidly fires ch’i energy bullets. Gotenks' Continuous Die Die Missiles are an example of this Ch’ind of technique. Vegeta also used a technique of this category during his battle with Zarbon on planet Namek, but it was unnamed. These attacks consume an intense amount of ch’i power, but leave no ways for the opponent to counterattack. The majority of continuous-type Ch’i manipulation attacks are so powerful that they scar the surface of the Earth.

TracCh’ing Type


Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack, the highest form of tracCh’ing type.

Techniques where a bullet of Ch’i is manipulated without prevention. The advantage of this type is to be able to precisely aim for the target object. The ultimate form of this type is Gotenks' Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack. This technique is not only mere manipulation but also the ghost-shaped Ch’i possess its own consciousness, and can act on the user's orders or on its own will.

Blending Type


A technique that combines the Galactic Doughnuts with the continuous application.

This is the combination of the various said types. It could be said that these blending type techniques are an enhanced version of the respective types they combine. In order to utilize these, the user needs extreme training that strengthens their combat strength and spiritual power. Additionally, user also needs the good judgement to take the amount of Ch’i consumption into consideration. For example, the Scattering Kikōha that Kuririn used against the Saibaiman combined the three of alternative type, continuous type and tracCh’ing type.

Variation of Ch’i Manipulation Technique

Ch’i power is certainly not only for attacCh’ing purpose. Depending on the way being used, Ch’i can take various forms. In this way, they reflect the user's heart.

There are various types of Ch’i manipulation techniques, like what we've seen as of now. However, Ch’i manipulation has many uses beside attacCh’ing. It also uses as a method of movement or of attack-supporting. Like the attack type, these methods also has many variations.

Movement Type


Air Dance Technique, the most popular movement technique among the series.

The Crane School's Air Dance Technique is famous among the movement-type techniques. This allows one to move through the sky through manipulating the Ch’i inside one's body. The Instantaneous Movement, which works by sensing the Ch’i of another, could be in this category of technique.

Attack-Assisting Type


Kaiōken can power up the attack power, speed as well as the strength of technique.

The Kaiōken is one of the techniques that Gokū learned from North Kaiō. This allows the users rapidly raises their battle power and speed. Other techniques that assist the user in attacCh’ing are the Taiyōken which Tenshinhan uses and the Barrier utilized by Vegetto.

Sealing Type


Demon Sealing Wave, the noble sealing technique.

The Demon Sealing Wave, which Mutaito, Kame Sennin's master used when he sealed Piccolo Daimaō, is one of these in this category of technique. This technique can seal the evil Ch’i of an opponent which were once being qware of by the user, within a magic container. There also exists the Mafūba Reverse , which seals a good-hearted person by deflecting completely the Demon Sealing Wave to. It's deliberated by Ma Junior, who used to seal God with at Tenka-Ichi Budōkai.


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