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Lapis Shot

ラピス Rapisu
Alias No. 17 (17号, Jūnana-Gō; FUNimation "Android 17")
Android No. 17 (人造人間17号, Jinzōningen Jūnana-Gō; Literally meaning "Cyborg No. 17")
Epithet The Mightiest Android (最強の人造人間, Saikyō no Jinzōningen; Literally meaning "The Mightiest Cyborg")[1]
English Localized Name(s) US Android 17
Personal Data
Universe 7th Universe Symbol 7th Universe
Galaxy Milky Way, North Galaxies
Residence Earth[2]
Race Android
Birthplace Earth
Gender Male Icon Male
Voice Actors
English Chuck Huber
Japanese Shigeru Nakahara
Professional Status
Team(s) 7th Universe Team Symbol 7th Universe Team
Affiliation(s) Royal Nature Park[2]
Previous Affiliation(s) Red Ribbon Army Symbol Red Ribbon Army
Occupation(s) Park ranger[2]
Previous Partner(s) Lazuli
Counterpart(s) Lapis (Future)
Headquarters Nature Preserve Island , Earth
Royal Nature Park,
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 349
Anime Debut DBZ133
Game Debut Dragon Ball Z: Super Martial Arts Legend
Image Gallery

Lapis (ラピス, Rapisu),[2] designated as Android No. 17 (人造人間17号, Jinzōningen Jūnana-Gō; Literally meaning "Cyborg No. 17") by Dr. Gero is an Android and the brother of Lazuli. Years after his resurrection he became a father of three children, married a woman and has dedicated his life to protecting wildlife. As one of the strongest warriors in his universe he was selected as a representative in the Tournament of Power.


Lapis, along with his twin sister, Lazuli, were born the same as regular Earthlings. However, a chance encounter with the mad scientist Gero. who was looking for material for his experiments, resulted in the twins being transformed into Androids for the purpose of killing Son Gokū.[3] Both of them were fitted with cybernetic enhancements, which granted them unique abilities and a form of immortality.[citation needed] At some point follwoing the transformation, the twins were deactivated and placed in stasis, as Gero could not control them properly.


Contrasting from his future counterpart, No. 17 is a fairly laid back individual who enjoys the thrill of fighting strong opponents. He also does not prefer to kill opponents he's beaten and even instructed Kulilin feed them Senzu to heal their injuries, showing a more humanity side to him. He also encourages his defeated foes to seek him out again when they've gotten stronger.

After the incident with Cell, No. 17 has become a far more peaceful individual, with "no shadow of the former No. 17 left in him". He's gained an appreciation for nature, and a love for living creatures, taking up a post as a park ranger on a distant island. No. 17 also has become kinder towards Earthlings, refusing to even kill poachers, merely settling for threatening off the island he protects. He staunchly refused to leave the island that he protected when Gokū requested he join the Tournament of Power until Gokū truthfully told him what the Tournament entailed, worried that his island would be endangered.[4]

Furthermore, despite his rather self-centered nature after his awakening, his years as a park ranger had led to him developing a sense of selfnessless. When a poacher threatened to blow himself, and the ship they were on to pieces — risking all the animals inside — No. 17 willingly pushed himself and the criminal into the vacuum of space to save his animals, only telling Gokū to give his regards to his family.[5]


  • No. 17's appearance in Part II.
  • No. 17's appearance in Part IV.


Due to Dr. Gero's enhancements, Lapis is an extraordinarily powerful individual and one of the strongest in the entire 7th Universe. When introduced, he was more than powerful enough to surpass the Super Saiyans Son Gokū and Vegeta, and defeated the entire Dragon Team with one blow each. Even after Piccolo fused with Kami-sama, the best he could do was fight Lapis to a standstill. After being resurrected by the Dragon Balls, Lapis spent years training to successfully defend a nature preserve and had grown even more powerful to the likes that he was able to not only compete with Super Saiyan Blue Goku, but fight to a virtual standstill while both were holding back.

Body Modifications

The primary modification that Gero had made to Lapis (and his sister Lazuli) was basically a perpetual energy machine within his body. With it, Lapis would never get tired or run out of power as long as he lived. Thus he could theoretically outlast anyone he fought against, as while they battle his opponent would only grow weaker from exhaustion while he'd stay at the same level of power.

Another modification was that his body ages at a far slower rate than most humans, allowing him to stay in his prime to a far later time in his life. In some ways, this makes him (and his sister) similar to a Saiyan in terms of biology.

Ki Usage

Due to being created from a baseline human, Lapis has access to ki like anyone else in the series. Thus like anyone else, he can and has gotten far stronger with training and has surpassed his former limits. His usage of ki primarily focuses around the standard blasts and beams, though his specialty power is when he forms a impenetrable shield of ki strong enough to block even the most powerful attacks. Piccolo's Guided Scattering Kikōha and Son Goku's Super Saiyan Blue Kamehameha weren't able to destroy or pierce the shield, leaving Lapis unscathed from either attack.

Part II

Androids Arc

Cell Arc

Part III

Majin Boo Arc

Part IV

Universe Survival Arc

In Other Timelines

Trunks' Timeline

Main article: Lapis (Future) After Gokū's death by a heart disease, he and No. 18 awakened and started going on a rampage across the world. In the process, they almost killed off the Dragon Team. Years later after their awakening, he and his sister fought the two remaning Saiyans on Earth, Son Gohan and Trunks. One day, the former is killed in an unfavorable fight, which allowed the later to awaken the Super Saiyan transformation (in the anime). Sometime after that event, the last Saiyan went to eliminate them, only to fail — barely surviving the encounter. After the defeat of Cell in the present, Trunks finally finished the siblings, thanks to the training he had endured with his father in the Room of Spirit and Time.

Cell's Timeline

Creation and Conception

No. 17, along with his sister, No. 18, were created conceptually when Toriyama's then-editor, Kazuhiko Torishima, complained about the designs of Android 19 and Gero (Android 20), as being just as "fatso and an old man". However, when he saw 17 and 18, he said that they were "just some kids", leading Toriyama to create Cell.[6]


  • The name "Lapis" was taken from lapis lazuli, a precious stone with an intense color.[2]
  • In Dragon Ball chapter 516, No. 17 is able to recognize Gokū's voice despite having never met him. This is later addressed in Dragon Ball Super, when he mentions that he knows Gokū's voice, among other things.[3]



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