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"This is a sanctuary where the humans and even the Kaiō aren't allowed to enter."

— Kibito to Son Gohan

Kaioshin Realm
Kaiōshin Realm
Kanji かいおうしんかい
Rōmaji Kaiōshin Kai
Ruler Grand Kaiōshin
Administration Kaiōshin

The Kaiōshin Realm (かいおうしんかい, Kaiōshin Kai) is the dimension that contains the planet Kaishin and is inhabited by a sub-sect of the Shinling species: the Kaiōshin. It exists outside the main sphere of the universe.[1][2] It is considered to be such a sacred realm that not even the Kaiō are allowed to enter; Gohan was the first human to ever step foot into the Kaiōshin Realm.[3]

In Other Universes

6th Universe

10th Universe

11th Universe


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