"Hello Hello Hello" (ハローハローハロー, Harō Harō Harō), performed by Good Morning America, was the first ending for Dragon Ball Super anime, from episodes 1 to 12. It was later replaced by Starring Star.



Karafuru randoseru shou kodomotachi kaketeyuku
Osanaki hi no boku nara nani iro erabi doko e mukau

Haroo haroo haroo
Ima no boku wa dou mietemasu ka
Haroo haroo haroo
Hokoreru senaka o shiteimasu ka

Icchou mae ni shippai kurikaeshi sore o
Bane ni tobu toki o matteiru yo
Ano hi no boku ate no uta


Children wearing colorful backpacks run on by~
If I was young again, I wonder which color I might choose… where I might go…

Hello, Hello, Hello
How do I look in this moment?
Hello, hello, hello…
Is the image of my back deserving of pride?

While trying to become a full-fledged adult, I've failed continuously,
But I'm waiting for the moment I'll spring on high!
This is a song addressed to me from back then.


The characters in order of appearance:

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