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Ginyū Special Squadron[1]
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 272
Anime Debut DBZ058
Movie Debut Movie 15
Team Info
Status Disbanded
Leader(s) Ginyū
Affiliation(s) Freeza Army Symbol Freeza's Army
Team Equipment

The Ginyū Special Squadron (ギニュー特戦隊, Ginyū Tokusentai; Viz "Ginyu Special Force", English TV "Ginyu Force") was an elite group of soldiers in Freeza's Army. The were lead by the flamboyant Captain Ginyū.


Ginyu Special Squad

The Ginyū Special Squadron.

There was no known organizational structure within the Ginyū Special Squadron, save for that Ginyū was the unquestionable leader. The other members of the squad seemed to act as equals.[2]


Ginyū Special Squad
Name Gender Position


Ginyu Force Symbol

The insignia of the Ginyū Special Squadron.

All five members of the Ginyū Special Squadron wore a modified variation of the standard Fighting Jacket worn by the soldiers of Freeza's Army. Their version featured two distinct variations. In the case of the Captain Ginyū and Butta, their armor consisted of black Fighting Jackets, arm guards, leggings, and white boots. The rest of the squad wore a white version of the same Jacket, with white gloves rather than arm guards. All members of the squad bore the insignia of the Ginyū Special Squadron on the breastplate of their Jacket.[3]


Each member of the Ginyū Special Squadron possessed their own Scouter, which they use for communication and to gauge power levels.

In Other Timelines


In Other Media

Dragon Ball GT

Video Games

Taino Special Squadron

The Taino Special Squad.

In Dragon Ball XenoVersethe Future Warrior has the option of joining the Ginyū Special Squadron while training under Ginyū himself. 

Additionally, in Dragon Ball XenoVerse, a Majin by the name of Taino is huge fan of the Ginyū Special Squadron, down to idolizing the Captain Ginyū himself. She even states that if she could have gone back in time to meet them, she may have sided with the Squad. Later in the game, she eventially forms her own incarnation of the Squad, the Taino Special Squad, consisting of Pima, Thirith, Iaas, Ikatz, and Taino herself.


  • The Ginyū Special Squadron has their own theme music, known as Take the Stage!! Ginyū Special Squadron!!.
  • As of DBS023, every member of the Ginyū Special Squadron met their ends at the hands of Vegeta.
  • The Ginyū Special Squadron theme song notes that Jheese is the second-in-command of the team.


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