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Cold and Freeza
Frost Demon
Additional Information
Universe [[6th Universe
7th Universe]]
Status Extant
Sub-race Freeza's Clan
Unique Traits
Notable Members

Frost Demons (also known as Freeza's Race), are an extraterrestrial species within the 6th and 7th Universe.


"We must stamp out the Super Saiyan… no matter what. Our clan must always be the most powerful in the Universe."

Not much is known about the species as a whole, however, Freeza's family has been noted to be a particularly strong clan of mutants who possess violent tendencies and abnormal amounts of cruelty.[1] In the case of Freeza and his father, they use their incredible strength to rule over the 7th Universe's weaker races: leading to the creation of the Galactic Freeza Army, which invaded, enslaved, and sold planets for profit. Within the 6th Universe, Frost for a time was the emperor of his universe, who's strength lead him to be regarded as the strongest warrior of his cosmos.


Freeza Without Fighting Jacket

Freeza in his first form.

It is unknown if normal Frost Demons look anything like their mutant counterparts. Due to their ability to transform, the mutant variant can vary wildly in appearance. Common traits include white or violet skin coloration; head horns; dark colored spots on their head, arms, and torso; markings along the sides of their faces; ear sockets on the side of their skulls; and large, three-toed feet.[2][3]

Their height can vary as well. For example, though Cold appeared to be in the second transformed state, he completely dwarfed Freeza in his true form, and whose second transformed state was only marginally larger than this true form.[2][4] Likewise, in the movies, Coola appears to be much larger in his true form than Freeza in his own true form.[3][5]

In terms of apparel, Freeza's family is primarily seen wearing the standard battle jacket of the Freeza Army. Freeza, in particular, also wore a black pair of legless shorts. Meanwhile, King Cold wore a large black cape.[2] Despite this, Freeza and Coola both are comfortable wearing no clothing whatsoever—a trait more common, in Freeza's case, when he fights.[6][7]


  • The Frost Demon race has never received an actual name within the anime or manga. They were only referred to as "Frost Demons" in the English version of the video game, Dragon Ball XenoVerse, when Cell engages a member of Freeza's family in battle. Beyond this, they are typically only referred to as the "Freeza Race" or the "Freeza Clan" in the video games.[8] In the manga, Cold mentions that the mutants of this race are from a singular clan — to whom he also belongs.[9]
  • Every member of the race has a name that is a pun in relation to the word "cold".
  • In the English dubbed anime, Freeza speaks in his native tongue, indicating that the Frost Demons have a language of their own.[10]
  • In Dragon Ball XenoVerse, Freeza states he is the ruler of his race.


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