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Cold and Freeza
Freeza's Clan
Kanji フリーザ一族
Rōmaji Furīza Ichizoku
Additional Information
Affiliation Freeza's Army
Unique Traits Multiple transformations
Known Members

Freeza's Clan (フリーザ一族, Furīza Ichizoku)[1] was a clan[2] of mutant Frost Demons within the 7th Universe.


Freeza's clan has been noted to be a particularly strong clan of mutants who possess violent tendencies and abnormal amounts of cruelty.[3] In the case of Freeza and his father, they use their incredible strength to rule over the weaker races: leading to the creation of the Galactic Freeza Army, which invaded, enslaved, and sold planets for profit.

Frost Demons from Freeza's clan are extremely xenophobic—believing themselves to be superior to all other species.[4][5][2] They also harbor an usually high prejudice against the Saiyans, whom they refer to as "monkeys" (モンキー, monkī).


The mutant-variant of the Frost Demon species appears to be terrifyingly powerful and use their power to subject those they see as lesser species. Because they are mutants, they are the only members of their species that possesses abnormally high power levels.[3] Freeza himself has both claimed and readily displayed the ability to completely obliterate entire planets with ease, a testament to the power of the mutant variant of the species.[6] In the movies, Coola demonstrated the same feat with his signature technique: the Supernova.[4]

Even if they were to destroy a planet they were currently on, Freeza noted that they could survive the blast as well as in the vacuum of space.[7] Additionally, it would seem that members of Freeza's family are capable of surviving horrific injuries. Freeza, himself, demonstrated the ability to survive being almost completely obliterated by the Super Saiyan Gokū and the subsequent explosion of Namek. In the movies, his brother Coola is also able to survive his collision with the Sun, albeit in a highly damaged state.[8] In both scenarios, they also showed the ability to adapt and become stronger thanks to cybernetic enhancements.[8][2]


Main article: Transformation Ability

Golden Freeza

Freeza in a transformed state.

In the case of Freeza (and Coola in the movies), the mutant variant of the Frost Demons can create transformations in order to control their immense and sometimes uncontrollable power.[9] Freeza, for instance, created three transformed states in order to comfortably contain his power.[10] Freeza could then revert closer and closer to his true form in order to access more of his power in combat. After his revival and training for six months, however, Freeza demonstrated the opposite of this: transforming in order to increase his power, rather than control it. The result was a golden form that allowed him to fight, briefly, with the likes of Son Gokū and Vegeta, both of whom had become Super Saiyan Blues.[11] In the movies, Coola also demonstrated a similar ability, transforming beyond his true form in order to obtain more power. In his case, however, he was still inferior to Super Saiyan Gokū.[4]



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