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Devil realm
Enma Realm
Kanji 閻魔界
Rōmaji Enmakai
Ruler Grand Kaiō
Administration Oni
Leader Enma

The Enma Realm (閻魔界, Enmakai; FUNimation "Check-In Station") is a large palace in the Afterlife where Enma lives and judges the dead.


  • Enma has implied there is more than one Enma Realm, as he explicitly asked Gokū to kill Freeza outside of Earth, so he would not have to deal with him.[1] However, this is contradicted by an earlier statement from the God of Earth, that the dead of all worlds come to the Enma Realm for judgement.[2]

See also


  1. Dragon Ball Super episode 93
  2. Dragon Ball chapter 205, page 8

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