Dragon Ball: Full Color (ドラゴンボール フルカラー, Doragon Bōru Furu Karā) is a special colorized re-release of the Dragon Ball manga produced by Shueisha.


The project was created to capitalize on the overwhelming popularity of Dragon Ball Z: God and God. Dragon Ball: Full Color was released to bookstores in Japan on February 4, 2013. By late 2014, the entirety of Part II of the manga was published in Full Color. In the March 2013 edition of V Jump, Shueisha announced plans to release Part I of the series, first to the web, then to a Full Color volume.[1]


Shueisha released each volume in kanzenban format, however, each volume contained seventeen chapters as opposed to the typical fifteen of a kanzenban release. Each volume also contained a special interview from Akira Toriyama covering a range of topics — from his involvement in God and God to unknown details about his manga.


  1. Dragon Ball Book Reveals in March 2013 V-Jump

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