The term databook refers to a series of supplementary books that act to fill in the gaps left by the anime and the movies. Occasionally, the databooks will reference manga material.


The Daizenshū (大全集; Literally meaning "Great Complete Collections") are the first and largest collection of databooks. Though Akira Toriyama is credited as the author, he himself has admitted that Shueisha is responsible for the content. In addition to the main seven (listed below), Shueisha also released two Daizenshū covering the various rules of the card games and a final supplementary databook covering various vague portions of the anime.

# Title Release data ISBN
1 Dragon Ball Daizenshū 1: Complete Illustrations June 20, 1995 ISBN 4-08-782751-8
2 Dragon Ball Daizenshū 2: Story Guide August 4, 1995 ISBN 4-08-782752-6
3 Dragon Ball Daizenshū 3: TV Animation Part 1 September 4, 1995 ISBN 4-08-782753-4
4 Dragon Ball Daizenshū 4: World Guide October 4, 1995 ISBN 4-08-782754-2
5 Dragon Ball Daizenshū 5: TV Animation Part 2 November 4, 1995 ISBN 4-08-782755-0
6 Dragon Ball Daizenshū 6: Movies & TV Specials December 4, 1995 ISBN 4-08-782756-9
7 Dragon Ball Daizenshū 7: Dragon Ball Large Encyclopedia February 5, 1996 ISBN 4-08-782757-7
8 Dragon Ball Extra Daizenshū: Carddass Perfect File Part 1 January 10, 1996 ISBN 4-08-102016-7
9 Dragon Ball Extra Daizenshū: Carddass Perfect File Part 2 March 11, 1996 ISBN 4-08-102017-5
10 Dragon Ball Supplemental Daizenshū: TV Animation Part 3 July 10, 1996 ISBN 4-08-102019-1


Super Exciting Guides

Dragon Ball GT Perfect Files

Other Databooks

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