Dragon Ball Chapter 37

"The Second Match"
Kanji 第2試合
Rōmaji Dai-Ni Shiai
Viz Match No. 2
Chapter Info
Author(s) Akira Toriyama
Volume Volume 4
Previous Chapter 36
Next Chapter 38
Arc 21st Tenka-Ichi Budōkai Arc
Japanese August 13, 1985
Anime Adaptation
Corresponding episode(s) DB022
Character debut(s)
None in this chapter
Technique debut(s)
Tool debut(s)
None in this chapter

"The Second Match" (第2試合, Dai-Ni Shiai; Viz "Match No. 2") is the thirty-seventh chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


After Gokū and Kulilin celebrate the latter's victory, both wonder of Kame-Sennin's whereabouts, only to be informed by Bulma and Pu'ar that he is no where to be found. As Gokū claims he can still sense Kame Sennin's scent, the next fight is about to commence, though not before Kulilin and Jackie Chun have an encounter.

The next match begins with Yamcha facing Jackie Chun. As the battle goes on, Yamcha finds himself unable to land a clean hit on Jackie Chun, forcing the former bandit to use his Wolf Fang Wind Style Fist. However, even this move proves to be ineffective as Chun simply dodges Yamcha's attack again, and proceeds to knock Yamcha out of the ring, giving Chun the victory. As the audience is shocked, Kulilin cringes at the fact that he has to face an opponent as powerful as Chun in the next round.

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