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Carrot Transformation
Carrot Transformation[1][2]
人参化 Ninjinka
English TV Magic Touch
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 17
Anime Debut DB009
Type Ability
Class Supplementary
Range Close range
Related technique(s)

The Carrot Transformation is a technique used by Toninjinka.


A unique skill possessed by Toninjinka. When anyone touches him, they are immediately transformed into a carrot, which Toninjinka presumably eats. While this ability can turn anyone who touches him into a carrot, Toninjinka typically channels it through a handshake. As such, all those in the town controlled by the Rabbit Gang feared Toninjinka and this technique, for fear of being turned into a carrot.[2] This technique is restricted to living targets, as Goku was able to attack Toninjinka with his Nyoibō without the magical staff becoming a carrot itself. To remove the transformation, Toninjinka need simply clap his hands. When returned to normal, the transformed target doesn't remember anything from their time as food.[3] To return the target to normal is referred to as the Carrot Transformation Cancelation.[2]


  • This would be the first ability in the series to turn a person into food; the second would be the Transfiguration Beam, a specialty of Majin Boo.
  • Daizenshū 4 describes the pose used to return a transformed target back to normal as being akin to one by Carmen Miranda.
  • In the game Dragon Ball: Mystery of Shenron, when Bulma is turned into a carrot, she is split into four carrots, that must be assembled before she can be returned to normal. This drastically differs from the original anime and manga.


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