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Bulma bunny clothes
Bunny Clothes[1]
Kanji バニーの服
Rōmaji Banī no Fuku
Universe 7th Universe
Galaxy Milky Way, North Galaxies
Residence Earth

The Bunny Clothes are revealing articles of clothing meant to resemble a bunny. The most notable set was owned by Oolong; Bulma wore them due to him lacking any other spare clothes for her.



The bunny clothes in the full-colored manga.

The bunny clothes are a revealing outfit consisting of rabbit ears, a fluffy tail, a butterfly necktie, cuffs, fishnet stockings, and stiletto heels. In the anime, the outfit is portrayed as black with blue leggings, red bow tie, and red heels. In the Full Color editions of the manga, the outfit is portrayed as red with grey leggings and black heels.


  • While wearing this outfit, Bulma was mistaken for a member of the Rabbit Mob.
  • According to the databook, despite Bulma's complaints about the outfit, the fact that she still opted to wear it hints she may be more fond of the bunny clothes than she lets on.


  1. Daizenshū 7, page 201

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