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Basil image
バジル Bajiru
Epithet Basil the Kicker (蹴りのバジル, Kari no Bajiru)[1]
Basil the Bullet Shooter (弾丸シュートのバジル, Dangan Shūto no Bajiru)[2]
Personal Data
Universe 9th Universe
Gender Male Icon Male
Voice Actors
Japanese Tsuyoshi Koyama
Professional Status
Team(s) Trio de Dangers
9th Universe Team Symbol 9th Universe Team
First Appearance
Anime Debut DBS079
Image Gallery

Basil (バジル, Bajiru) is a warrior who's part of the Trio de Dangers from the 9th Universe.



Basil's full appearance.


Basil is a confident fighter, willing to underestimate his opponents based on their mere appearance. He is also an aggressive warrior, favoring the use of sheer physical power in his fights.[3]


His selection to participate in the preliminary Zen Exhibition Match, it can be assumed Basil is one his universe's strongest warriors. He along with his brothers received high praise by their Kaiōshin, as one of the most fiercest fighters in his universe. In combat Basil has the capability of swiftly out-speeding Majin Boo, able to land several blows onto him. He is also able to release ki through his kicks that are identical to Ki Manipulation Techniques.

Dragon Ball Super

Universe Survival Arc

Basil and his brothers were selected to participate in the Tournament of Power. After arriving at Zen'ō's Palace with Rо̄ and Sidra, the brothers meet their upcoming competition from the 7th Universe. Upon arriving and entering the fighting ring, Basil fights Majin Boo.

The red beast makes the first strike in the fight with a large barrage of powerful kicks to Majin Boo that seemed to have knocked down Boo. Hoever, Majin Boo is not harmed by them. Basil is them asked to use his killer moves and so he continues the fight using his Nitro Kick and Shining Blaster againts Boo with little results in hurting him but, Basil accidently hurts Satan with debris from the arena he damanged. The accident angers Majin Boo and he starts to fight Basil back with little effort and throwing him out of the ring but the Grand Priest prevents Basil from losing and he is given another chance to fight until either Zen'ō feels satisfied or he can no longer move. Kaiōshin Rō gives Basil a special drug that increases his power, which seen to give him enough power to have the edge againts Majin Boo but, to his surprise the pink monster is unfazed by his power, Boo then retaliates with a powerful Kikōha. Basil withstands the attack but he reaches his limits and lose consciousnes giving the victory to Majin Boo.



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